2016 - 2019 CFA Bengal Standard for SNOW TABBY PATTERN:


Similar to the snow leopard, the snow bengal has a lighter, pattern.  Rosettes and spots should be random, with a horizontal flow to their alignment.  There are 3 main patterns:  Lynx Point, Mink Tabby, Sepia Tabby, in Seal or Blue, with or without the addition of the Silver pattern.  The Snows can be Rosetted/Spotted, Marble, or Charcoal.  Influence of the Charcoal Pattern on the Snow Pattern results in ground color that is shades darker than the original color descriptions of the Snow Patterns with color on chest and belly being lighter than ground color.  Markings will show good contrast, with a dark cape running down the back equal in color to the darkest markings.  There must be white, or nearly white "goggles" encircling the eyes.  A dark mask runs all the way from the nose bridge to the nose, and connects to the mascara lines, all the way to the nose bridge.  A wide, dark, "cape" running down the length of the back is desirable.

Snow Lynx Point Patterns:

Snow Lynx Point Adult Female A
Snow Lynx Point Adult Female
Snow Lynx Point Adult Female
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Snow Mink Tabby Patterns:

Snow Mink Kitten A
Snow Mink Male Adult A
Snow Mink Female Adult
Snow Mink Female Adults
Snow Mink Adult Female
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Snow Sepia Tabby Patterns:

F 4 mo kitten - "QQQ"
Seal Sepia Rosetted - Carries Non-Agouti which makes her coloring darker.
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Breed Council Change Considerations:

NOTE:  Rose highlight indicates a "Strike-through" of wording in the Bengal Breed standard to be removed.  Gold highlight indicates an "underline" which is new wording being proposed to add in to the Bengal Standard.

1.  Remove entirely - Both the Section title and it's description.   The pattern of the Snows are within the "Rosette/Spotted", "Marble" or "Charcoal Effect" Tabby portions of the breed standard.


A.  Unnecessary as already covered by the general "Rosetted/Spotted Tabby Pattern"

B.  All pattern description sections should be contained above in the heading “BENGAL PATTERNS AND COLORS”  (possible renaming to “BENGAL PATTERNS”).

C.  Snows do not have a different pattern than the Browns.    It is only color that is truly affected by the Colorpoint genes which is a color inhibitor gene.    This section is not needed because it is already covered by combining the “ROSETTED/SPOTTED TABBY PATTERN” together with the individual color descriptions that include Lynx Points, Minks and Sepias.



A.  CFA sees Colorpoint as a pattern not just a color.

PROPOSAL #55 ON THE 2019 BALLOT.  Ballot results:  42 yes, 27 no - 69 votes needs 42 "yes" votes to pass.  PASSED.  Also, PASSED BOD vote on 2/1/20 and will be part of our standard.

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Snow Mink Kitten A