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BODY (Torso)

Worth 20 of the 100 Points

2016 - 2019 CFA Bengal Standard for BODY:

Long and substantial, muscular, particularly with males.  Hindquarters slightly higher than shoulders.

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Breed Council Change Considerations:

NOTE:  Rose highlight indicates a "Strike-through" of wording in the Bengal Breed standard to be removed.  Gold highlight indicates an "underline" which is new wording being proposed to add in to the Bengal Standard.

1.  Remove the sub category "Torso"


A.  Our standard is currently divided into 4 POINT SCORE sections:





The word "Torso" seems repetitive in this context since "HEAD" is already the first section.

B.  Torso is a part of the body of the cat and not its extremities.   If we remove this word, it removes this possible complication.

C.  It's a cleaner format and simplifies the standard by removing unnecessary words.

PROPOSAL #14 for the 2019 Ballot. Results:  41 Yes, 27 No - 68 voters needs 41 "yes" votes to pass.  PASSED Council.  Also, PASSED BOD vote on 2/1/20 and will be part of our standard.


Breed Council Change Considerations for 2019 that did not get on the Ballot:

A. Change the wording so that we address size of a Bengal Cat (Currently, it is only addressed in the general description).   One possible version is:

Proposed:  Males are Medium to Large in size with females Small to Medium.  Long, substantial & muscular, - particularly with males.  Hindquarters slightly higher than shoulders.


A. We currently have no description of size within the "BODY" description that helps to address:

   1.  Size/weight of our breed.

   2.  The size/weight differences between Males and Females.

B.  We don't want to say "Extra Large" as that seems to belong to Maine Coons.

C.  Females generally weight between 7 - 10 lbs - Adding "small" into the standard in regards to females may be appropriate so we cover both small and medium size females.

D.  The Asian Leopard Cat has an average size of 8.6 lbs (Websites claim weight of 1.2 - 15lb depending on subspecies, age and sex).

E.  Slight changes in the punctuation to correct.

NOTE:  For the 2019 ballot, weight ranges are not addressed as there is probably not enough support from the council for any specific weight range.   Also, judges don't weigh the cats so using wording that is more general is probably most appropriate at this time.


B. If we don't like the option #2 above, we could address size differences by:

      1.  Adding the word "Mostly" in front of "Medium".

      2.  Removing "Large" from the wording describing size.

Proposed:  Within the "GENERAL" section (or, added to the "BODY" section):


     "GENERAL":   The Bengal is a mostly medium sized to large cat, ...


     "BODY":  Mostly a medium size cat.  Long, substantial & muscular, - particularly with males.  Elongated vertebrae, never delicate. Hindquarters slightly higher than shoulders.


A.   Current standard wording doesn't address that many female Bengals would be considered "Small" vs. "Medium" but does address and males can be larger.

B.  Using the word "mostly" fits the description of most of our Bengals.   There are some males who are larger and some females who are smaller.



NOTE:   Please vote "YES" for BOTH #21 and #22 if either of them are an improvement for the current standard and are OK with you.  This way, the vote will not be split were neither one gets the majority voting for it.   I may need to remove one of these questions in order have the best possibility for passing with the required 60% of the voters -  this will be determined by 9/15/19. 

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