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Worth 10 of the 25 points for Coat & Color - (100 Points Total)

One of the biggest surprises that Clients experience when they first meet a Bengal is the texture and softness of the Pelt/Coat.   It literally drops peoples jaw!   While websites don't have the ability to let you feel, I'll place a few examples with descriptions:


2018 CFA Bengal Standard for TEXTURE:

Coat:  With qualities unique to the breed, the BVeengal coat is short, close lying, soft, silky, luxurious, and ideally glittered.  Allowances for slightly longer coat in kittens. 


General: The coat is like no other:  short, soft, silky to the touch, luxurious, and preferably glittered. 

Breed Council Change Considerations:

NOTE:  Rose highlight indicates a "Strike-through" of wording in the Bengal Breed standard to be removed.  Gold highlight indicates an "underline" which is new wording being proposed to add in to the Bengal Standard.

Breed Council Change Considerations for 2019 that did not get on the Ballot:

1.  Add a "Texture" component to the standard.   Combine the appropriate parts within the "General Description" and "Coat" that are duplicated.


A.  It will put all the Coat/Pelt Elements into a single area for judges to consider.   They currently have to search for texture elements in the standard in multiple parts.   It's too easy to miss important parts because it is separated in different sections, neither with the word "Texture".

2. Should coat texture be worth 10 points?    THis is more points than Boning (5), Musculature (5), Legs/Feet (5) and Tail (5).

Rationale:  We may be giving too much emphasis on texture.

Obstacle:   There has been a change in the Bengals being shown in other organizations where the pelted nature of our breed is being lost.   Keeping this trait at 10 points may be appropriate as it is one of our defining traits.

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