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Worth 3 of the 30 points for Head - (100 Points Total)

2016 - 2019 CFA Bengal Standard for CHIN:

Strong, substantial, aligns with tip of nose in profile.

Examples of SIDE CHIN:

Examples of FRONT CHIN:

Examples of Short in length and/or weak CHINS- less Desired

Breed Council Change Considerations:

NOTE:  Rose highlight indicates a "Strike-through" of wording in the Bengal Breed standard to be removed.  Gold highlight indicates an "underline" which is new wording being proposed to add in to the Bengal Standard.

1.  Consider adding Chin to the Muzzle Section within the "POINT SCORE" portion of the standard.   Keeping the Chin description as it stands but moving it up to be underneath "MUZZLE", "NOSE", "WHISKER PADS" (in order from top of face to bottom of face) for the POINT SCORE portion of the standard.


A.  It is considered part of the muzzle in most cat breeds already.

B.  If we are attempting to score points in "5' s", then we could consider:

         1.  Adding the nose (3 pts) to the Muzzle (6 pts) = 9 points.   This makes it an easy allocation of 10 points total.

         2.  If we keep these parts separate, last years proposal gave us an option of giving the chin 5 points (from 3) -  and it makes the just as important than the Eyes, Ears, Profile, Skull etc.


WITHIN PROPOSAL #13 for the 2019 Ballot.  Results: 27 Yes, 42 No - 69 voters needs 42 "yes" votes to pass.  Did not pass.   

Breed Council Change Considerations for 2019 that did not get on the Ballot:

A.  NOTE:  The current standard, the proposed 2018 Ballot and Marianne's 2017 paper are identical - no wording changes are being proposed for 2019.   If we vote to add Nose, Whisker Pads and Chin together under the section of "MUZZLE", we may want to add these sections as "Sub-sections" under the tittle "Muzzle" for clarification.   One CFA Judge and Board member has brought up a good point in that if we make MUZZLE worth 10 points, it seems more important than the skull.   While that's true for our current CFA Standard, it could be a good idea to see that the 10 point for Muzzle are really divided into the 3 subsections of NOSE, WHISKER PADS and CHIN.    


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