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2016 - 2019 CFA Bengal Standard for LONGHAIR BENGAL (CASHMERE) (AOV):


The Longhair Bengal can come in any described color/pattern combination.  Coat is semi long haired, with a fine texture, and luxurious, not cottony or wooly.  The coat should create an all over harmonious impresion with the longer parts flowing gently into the shorter ones.  Long hair sticking out on any body part is undesireable.  Coat shall lay close to body.  Silky coat and satin glitter are desireable, but not required.  Pattern shall be cleanly visible, with a horizontal flow to it's alignment.  Hair around head and neck is accepted, but not required.  A corona of hair around the head, extremely thick, full coat on back of neck, or a ruff, is undesireable.  Ears shall not be tufted, but slight ear tips are allowed. Strong ear tufts, spoiling the rounded impression of the ear are not desireable.  Tail shall be slightly longer haired creating a plumed impression.


Breed Council Change Considerations:





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