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AOV COLORS - Additional

These are the additional colors that are not already described previously.   Since they are a natural part of how the CFA Bengal came into existence, these colors can happen.   While some of these colors are "Bred away from", with current genetic testing available at such a reasonable cost, we can easily use these tests on any kittens we want to make part of our breeding programs.   Because of this, it should not be a concern of Bengal Breeders to have these traits in our cats.    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and some breeders and some pet clients enjoy unique colors because it their exclusivity.

The following colors, come in the Rosetted/Spotted, and Marble Patterns:


Breed Council Change Considerations:

1. NOTE:    I could not find any language in the proposed 2018 standard to address "Melanistic".

2. Change a portion of the 2016-2019 standard:

From:  They can be either Rosetted/Spotted, Marble or Snow

To:  They can be Rosetted/Spotted or Marble as come in all Bengal Colors.


A.  Melanistic's can come in any color as the genes that create thisi patter/color are separate from the genes that other colors.   Because this webpage (part of the standard) addresses "Pattern", we should keep the color discussions to their appropriate color sections/webpages.   (We should also include other colors - Blue, AOV and any/all other colors can also be non-agouti.   These other colors will be addressed in the melanistic color portion of this website and non-accepted colors that are not included in the current Bengal Breed standard.

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