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Worth 5 of the 20 points for Body - (100 Points Total)

The legs of the Bengal are unique as they are longer in the back than in the front which allows for the low to the ground prowl which the long bodied Bengal is known for.   The feet are also unique in that they can have longer toes in which to use almost like human fingers to grab at the items of interest in front of them.   Their toes can also be webbed -  a trait brought down from their wild ALC anscestor!    

2016 - 2019 CFA Bengal Standard for LEGS:

..., slightly longer rear legs.  Muscular.

2018 CFA Bengal Standard for FEET:

Large and round with prominent knuckles.


Examples of Longer Front Toes, scimitar action and webbed feet:

Examples of less desireable Bengal Feet:

Breed Council Change Considerations:

NOTE:  Rose highlight indicates a "Strike-through" of wording in the Bengal Breed standard to be removed.  Gold highlight indicates an "underline" which is new wording being proposed to add in to the Bengal Standard.

1.   Change "Feet" in the standard to "Paws"  or

    Change "Paws" in the standard to "Feet"

For the 2019 Ballot, it is being proposed that we change the description section title of "PAWS" to "FEET".   If this question doesn't bring the required 60% majority, we can change the proposal to using "Paws" rather than "feet".  As a breed, we need to chose one or the other.  Our terms need to be consistent within our standard where appropriate.


A.  Consistency in use of language.

B.  Paws are closely associated with the phrase "paw pads" so having a word that already exists in our standard under the POINT SCORE section seems a natural change.


A.  The word "paw" is more synonymous with the foot of a cat than "feet".    Feet are more synonymous with the human body part.

PROPOSAL #18 for the 2019 Ballot.  Results:  27 Yes, 42 No - 69 voters needs 42 "yes" votes to pass. Did not pass. 

2. Do we want to mention that partially because Bengals have longer toes, that they can use them as fingers to grab at toys or sneak a grab from an unsuspecting victim?    Similar to a Scimitar sword?

QUESTION #30 on the proposed 2019 Ballot:  Add language to the "PAWS/FEET" description part of the standard to include the fact that Bengals can have longer toes (may be related to their longer spine) giving them unusual dexterity with their fingers.

Proposed:  Large and round with prominent knuckles.  Toes are often longer giving them unusual dexterity.


A. It may be something more specific to our breed.

B. It has been said that some Bengal toes are too long and that is would cause them hardship because they need walk on their tip toes.

     i.  It is not correct that Bengals/Cats walk on the tips of their toes like a ballet dancer.   They do walk on the pads of their toes though.   Longer toes do not have a negative impact on their movement and it's possible that it makes them more agile.

PROPOSAL #19 for the 2019 Ballot.  Results:  24 Yes, 44 No - 68 voters needs 41 "yes" votes to pass.  Did not pass. 

3. Do we want to mention that some Bengals have webbed feet?

"Large and round with prominent knuckles.  Sometimes webbed.


A.  It is something more specific to our breed and could be considered a Bengal "Defining Trait".


A.  It adds in an interesting trait at the expense of possibly losing focus on the most important traits.

B.  I don't believe that many of us use this trait when selecting breeders/show Bengals.  While interesting, it may not rise up to the level of being included in our standard.

PROPOSAL #20 for the 2019 Ballot.  Results:  22 Yes, 46 No - 68 voters needs 41 "yes" votes to pass. Did not pass. 

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