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Worth 10 of the 25 points for Pattern - (100 Points Total)

The eyes of the Bengal Cat are like no other cat due to the genetics that we have brought down from it's wild ancestor the Asian Leopard Cat (ALC).    They can have large rounded eye size/shape that comes from this wild ancestor who is a nocturnal hunter.   

2018 CFA Bengal Standard for CONTRAST:


Rosetted/Spotted Tabby Pattern - Ground color should be clear, and free of ticking.  Contrast with ground color must be extreme, showing distinct pattern with sharp edges.


In the sections below, I've separated out some examples for Contrast.   I have also included a sections on Clarity as both are needed in order to have the Bengal pattern with "Sharp edges" as the standard requires.

Examples of HIGH CONTRAST and HIGH CLARITY (Most Desired):

Examples of HIGH CONTRAST and LOW CLARITY (Less Desirable):

Examples of LOW CONTRAST and HIGH CLARITY (Less Desirable):

Examples of LOW CONTRAST & LOW CLARITY (Undesireable):

Breed Council Change Considerations:

NOTE:  Rose highlight indicates a "Strike-through" of wording in the Bengal Breed standard to be removed.  Gold highlight indicates an "underline" which is new wording being proposed to add in to the Bengal Standard.

1.  (Duplicate of what is under "PATTERN"

Within the description section of the standard, add a new description for “CONTRAST & CLARITY” as follows:


CONTRAST & CLARITY:    All parts of the pattern should be as clear and uniform in color as possible.  Ground color should be as different in value as possible to outer (darkest) markings.  Combined, this creates a sharp defined outline to the pattern.     


Placement in Description list:






RATIONALE:  Clarity is a very important aspect to the Bengal Coat for the pattern, color and contrast to be a sharp and defined as possible.   It is already in our standard, but it is unclear where this aspect would be given points. 


PROPOSAL #32 IN THE 2019 BALLOT.  Results:  26 yes, 41 No - 67 voters need 41 "yes" votes to pass.  Did not pass. 

Breed Council Change Considerations for 2019 that did not get on the Ballot:

1.   First, add "CLARITY" as a new subsection within either "PATTERN" or "COAT" (if question #34  passes). 2nd -Remove "Eye Color" under the "COAT & COLOR" section and use these 5 points towards the new Clarity section.  3rd - Move 5 points from "Pattern" and add it to "Clarity" making all subsections equal in point value within the POINT SCORE allocations:








A.  Clarity is a very important aspect to the Bengal Coat for those breeders that wish to create coats more similar to Leopards, Jaguars, Snow Leopards, Margays, Ocelots etc.  It is already in our standard but it is unclear where this aspect would be given points.   It could be Contrast, Color or Texture -  But really, even Pattern is effected by Clarity.

B.  Adding in a 5th element allows us and easy way to divide the 50 points for Coat into simple 10 point increments. 

C.  Simplifies this part of hte standard and would be much easier for everyone to remember.

D.  We are really not taking points away from pattern as technically, there isn't a lot of patterns that are found unacceptable. Pattern points are often awarded because of one of the 4 remaining aspects to the coat.


A.  A group of 12 council members have requested that "Ground color should be clear, and free of ticking." be removed from our standard.   Reasons not given.    This is seen as a dilution of our standard.

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