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Melanistic Bengals can come in any color as they are a separate DNA Allele.  The one thing that they will have in common are dark faces with little to no markings.  There are a a few pages that have slide show photos (Black Melanistic and Seal Mink Melanistic pages) but more photos of the other colorations are needed.  Please email photos of any example to: with the heading " xxx Melanistic Bengal Photos" and include any genetic testing or parentage information that would be appropriate so that we know the colors shown here are true to the genentics.  

Please click on the buttons below to go to the webpage for each color variation listed below. 



Breed Council Change Considerations:

1. NOTE:    I could not find any language in the proposed 2018 standard to address "Melanistic".

2. Change a portion of the 2016-2019 standard:

From:  They can be either Rosetted/Spotted, Marble or Snow

To:  They can be Rosetted/Spotted or Marble as come in all Bengal Colors.


A.  Melanistic's can come in any color as the genes that create thisi patter/color are separate from the genes that other colors.   Because this webpage (part of the standard) addresses "Pattern", we should keep the color discussions to their appropriate color sections/webpages.   (We should also include other colors - Blue, AOV and any/all other colors can also be non-agouti.   These other colors will be addressed in the melanistic color portion of this website and non-accepted colors that are not included in the current Bengal Breed standard.

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